The POPI Act

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The POPI Act


The POPI Act will be in effect from the 1st of July 2021 meaning that banks will no longer assist our financial department with depositors details.
We encourage you to use the correct reference details when making bank deposits and transfers to ensure your payments are allocated to your account with the Honingcraft Group of Companies. This request is applicable to customers of Honingcraft, Moser Hardchrome and Jünger Engineering.
Taking an extra minute to make sure your reference details are correct will ensure your account stays active and that your products and services are delivered without delays.
With your help, we can reduce red tape and protect each other’s personal information. Please download the following PDF document for more information regarding the POPI Act.
Thank you for doing business with the Honingcraft Group of Companies. You’re awesome!
The Honingcraft Team

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