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The main purpose of honing is to finish the inside or outside surface of a round tube to a precise geometric concentricity and parallelism throughout the length of the tube. Honingcraft hones tubes with diameters between 12 mm and 1,000 mm with lengths of up to 20 metres using our state of the art, cnc controlled honing machines. 

Our facility allows for external and internal honing as required by any hydraulic cylinder manufacturing company. Honing any tube to a fine, smooth finish will give a signature “crosshatch” where the surface was honed. 

Welding cylinder tubes often results in distortion of the material and we offer a hone after-weld service, at no extra cost, where our customers are supplied with honed or unhoned material, and after machining and welding the material, it is returned to Honingcraft for the final honing process. This ensures the best possible tolerances on welded cylinders. 

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Honingcraft Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Honing Services

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Honingcraft ensures quality through traceability. All the products on our workshop floor are marked with unique identifying job number codes. Identification and traceability are requirements of the ISO 9001 Standards.

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Honingcraft delivers outstanding service to our customers. We offer free delivery within 25 km radius of our workshop locations.

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Honingcraft Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Packaging


Honingcraft offers cardboard covering or custom built crates, and will tack weld cover plates onto barrels to prevent damage during loading.

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