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Deep Hole Drilling

Honingcraft provides deep hole drilling services. Deep hole drilling is used to remove the core of a solid steel round-bar to manufacture highly specialised cylindrical components with a high degree of precision. Deep hole drilling is the preferred method to machine a hole through a solid round-bar billet. When engineers and manufacturing businesses need thick walled cylindrical components to deal with high pressure applications like in the case of thick-walled hydraulic cylinder barrels, deep hole drilling makes it possible to select from a large variety of standard steel round bars that are readily available from most steel merchants. The steel billet can then be drilled to make a hole through the round-bar.

Honingcraft’s machines can manufacture parts from round bars of 600 mm diameter and 6 meters long. Honingcraft also provides the steel round-bar from a trusted network of steel merchants to expand its own stock holding of precision manufacturing steel.

Main uses of such custom cylindrical products are ultra high pressure hydraulic cylinder barrels, conveyor rollers and dynamometer rolls.

Deep hole drilling projects are complemented by Honingcraft’s high precision honing department which can improve the surface finish of the inside diameter to a H8 tolerance.

Deep Hole Drilling Videos

Honingcraft Deep Hole Drilling Services for Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

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Honingcraft ensures quality through traceability. All the products on our workshop floor are marked with unique identifying job number codes. Identification and traceability are requirements of the ISO 9001 Standards.

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Honingcraft delivers outstanding service to our customers. We offer free delivery within 25 km radius of our workshop locations.

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Honingcraft offers cardboard covering or custom built crates, and will tack weld cover plates onto barrels to prevent damage during loading.

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