General Engineering And Machining

General Engineering And Machining

Honingcraft’s machining department offers precision equipment that specialises in turning, boring, milling and threading hydraulic cylinder components such as:

  • Shafts
  • Tubes
  • Pistons
  • Glands
  • End-caps
  • Ports
  • Mountings

We can bore and machine shafts and rods with outside diameters of 800 mm and lengths up to 15 meters between centres. Our over saddle lathe machines can turn components with outside diameters of 500 mm up to 2 meters in length.

Being renowned for speed and accuracy, Honingcraft has the added advantage of being under the same roof as the material stores of Moser Hardchrome in Germiston and a machining branch in Port Elizabeth at Honingcraft Jünger.

Honingcraft can cut and drill materials at different angles across multiple axes on our premises. Milling is ideal for manufacturing highly detailed and complex components used in many industries.

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Honingcraft Machining Services for Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

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Honingcraft Deep Hole Drilling Services for Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Deep Hole Drilling

Honingcraft provides deep hole drilling services. Deep hole drilling is used to remove the core of a solid steel round-bar to manufacture highly specialised cylindrical ...
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Honingcraft Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Honing Services


We are superbly armed to hone with high precision, package with diligence, and deliver without time waste.
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Honingcraft Machine Boring Services


Honingcraft manufactures custom tubes to your specification with our state of the art boring machines. We specialise in boring hollow bar for use in the ...
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Precision Grinding

Precision Grinding

Our experienced artisans operate the world’s most sophisticated grinding machines to precision tolerances.
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Honingcraft Hard Chrome Plating Electroplating


Honingcraft Moser operates one of the largest shaft chroming plants in Africa, enabling us to provide any industrial chroming requirement.
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Honingcraft Bronze Plating Electroplating

Bronze Plating

We electroplate inside diameters, outside diameters and flat surfaces with bronze to ensure surfaces are wear resistant.
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Honingcraft Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Packaging


Honingcraft offers cardboard covering or custom built crates, and will tack weld cover plates onto barrels to prevent damage during loading.
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Honingcraft Logistics Services


Honingcraft delivers outstanding service to our customers. We offer free delivery within 25 km radius of our workshop locations.
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Honingcraft ensures quality through traceability. All the products on our workshop floor are marked with unique identifying job number codes. Identification and traceability are requirements ...
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Honingcraft Welding Services for Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing


During the course of most precision steel manufacturing projects, welding is often needed for a large variety of reasons.
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Reconditioning Plating


Recondition rock drill sleeves, hydraulic cylinder barrels and rods, engine liners and pump shafts.
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