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Honingcraft Moser operates one of the largest shaft chroming plants in Africa, enabling us to provide any industrial chroming requirement.

Moser can chrome shafts with a maximum diameter of 1,000 mm, at lengths up to 10,000 mm. Our rectifiers can supply a combined 124,000 amps of power into 122 kilolitre baths of chromic acid baths supported by 100 tonnes of combined overhead cranage. Our 500 years of combined chroming experience makes ours the most knowledgeable chroming team in African industry.

Chrome plating, often referred to simply as chroming, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. Industrial chroming, or Hard Chrome, extends the life of any treated product by providing corrosion resistance, increasing surface hardness and easing cleaning procedures. The chrome layer provides corrosion resistance, eases seal operations and increases surface hardness. We offer fast-turnaround with no compromise on client specifications, no deviation from tube size or agreed deadline.

Some of the products we can chrome

  • Hydraulic cylinder rods
  • Compressor screws
  • High wearing dies
  • High wear screens
  • Extrusion dies
  • Mono pump shafts
  • Ship engine liners
  • Diesel locomotive engine liners
  • Conveyor shafts

A large steel shaft is undergoing a precision grinding process in preparation for plating a layer of chrome to extend the economic lifespan of the shaft.

Rechromed compressor screws

Honingcraft Hard Chrome Plating Electroplating

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Honingcraft delivers outstanding service to our customers. We offer free delivery within 25 km radius of our workshop locations.

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Honingcraft Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Packaging


Honingcraft offers cardboard covering or custom built crates, and will tack weld cover plates onto barrels to prevent damage during loading.

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Honingcraft ensures quality through traceability. All the products on our workshop floor are marked with unique identifying job number codes. Identification and traceability are requirements of the ISO 9001 Standards.

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