In Conversation with Zwidofhelangani Tshivhenga

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Honingcraft is known for recruiting excellent people. The company makes time for employees to provide input whenever possible while treating them with respect and dignity. Honingcraft values hard work and a love for education.

Zwidofhelangani Tshivhenga is a valued Honingcraft employee from a small village called Malavuwe in Limpopo. In 2011 she left the province to further her studies in Pretoria. She joined Tshwane South College and obtained her N5 in Electrical Engineering.


Zwizwi or Zwido is her nickname, which perfectly suits her sunshine personality. There is never a slow day at Honingcraft. Most of her day is consumed by taking on customer and supplier NCRs, and she is responsible for daily updates on Rockdrill and loco liners production.

Zwidofhelangani works in a male-dominated environment, but at Honingcraft, she feels she can chase her dreams with vigour.

“Few men still have old cultural beliefs that women belong at home. At Honingcraft, I have met wonderful people who have become great teachers and have encouraged my career”.

No industry is perfect, and Zwizwi is passionate about young people following their dreams. “Young people must be goal-driven and always be open to learn. It is important to remember that the industry is not about working and getting a salary – it’s also about learning new skills”.


Over and above her N5 electrical engineering qualification, she also holds a red seal trade certificate as an aircraft electroplater. Zwizwi shares, “I joined SAAT for my apprenticeship and in 2016 qualified as an aircraft electroplater. I am currently doing my final year at Unisa (Supervisory Management), taking quality courses, and building my career around that”.


“I always make time for my family. It can be hectic as a young mother and a wife, and I have learned to always ask for help. When she was growing up, Zwizwi always looked up to her uncle. He was her life coach who encouraged academia.

I met Honingcraft MD (Mr Gerhard Hauptfleisch), and I feel God purposely sent me to him to find myself. He has coached me to be more confident and always reminds me that where you come from does not determine who you are”.

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