Honed Tubes and Barrels from Honingcraft

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Honed tubes and barrels

Honingcraft has, for many successful years, supplied manufacturers with honed tube and barrel services which ensure the finest tolerances of smoothness. Honingcraft Moser operates from a 10,000 m2 factory serviced by 100 tonnes of cranage and a staff complement of 60 employees.


The inside diameter of the barrel is honed to a smooth surface finish to make the barrel resistant to harsh operating conditions. This ensures that the barrel is free from ovality and that the bore is parallel.

The smooth surface protects the piston seals during operation, extending the practical life of the cylinder. Our customers are guaranteed to receive the best reconditioned cylinder rods and barrels at a reasonable price. This is thanks to a combination of experienced reconditioners and high-quality machines.

You can save around 25% in time spent manufacturing hydraulic cylinders with complete honed barrels from Honingcraft. The Honingcraft Group provides traditional honed tube, chrome bar, and cylinder kits. The company also supplies hydraulic cylinder barrels and rods as semi-finished assemblies.


Honingcraft’s complete barrel assembly and rod assembly apply to any company that manufactures, repairs, or supports hydraulic cylinders, in mining, agriculture, or transportation.

Replaceable parts are valuable in the industry. Having a semi-finished component ready to hand over can prevent a breakdown from causing an operation-wide standstill.

Honingcraft can increase its customers’ flexibility when responding to machine breakdowns and maintenance and lower operational expenditure by manufacturing the two components as separate cylinder parts in stock.

It achieves lower OPEX by reducing the turnaround time of manufacturing new cylinders and extending the economic lifespan of hydraulics in general.


Customers supply Honingcraft with a cylinder drawing. For convenience and efficiency, the cylinder barrel or rod components are manufactured for the client. Honingcraft assembles the components into a cylinder barrel or a cylinder rod. The dimensions are unique to the cylinder model the customer wants to support.


The inside diameter of the barrel is honed to a smooth surface finish to make it resistant to extreme conditions. This ensures that the barrel is free from ovality and that the bore is parallel. The process is completed with a final hone to account for any warping during the welding process.

The cylinder barrel is then assembled. This includes the barrel-end mounting, endcap and honed tube. The portholes are drilled into the barrel, and the ports are welded onto the barrel. The barrel is then threaded, or a flange is welded onto the barrel to fit the gland.


Cylinder rods reduce operational downtime and extend the economic lifespan of critical components.

A cylinder rod assembly typically includes a rod side mounting, the cylinder rod made from chromed bar or induction hardened chrome bar, and a piston. The tube and rod are imported.

Semi-finished components transcend the traditional manufacturing process. Honingcraft can deliver an excellent product by cutting out at least two steps in the manufacturing process.


Honing is essentially a bore sizing and surface preparation process. Honed tube is well known as the best material to manufacture hydraulic cylinders. This is because honed tubes are the most important materials for hydraulic cylinders.

Honingcraft is one of the largest honed tube suppliers in South Africa, stocking cold-drawn seamless hydraulic steel tubes. Their stock is sourced from the best precision manufacturing steel suppliers locally and internationally.


Honingcraft’s honed tube and barrels are specifically designed for remote operators with limited machinery and equipment that need to keep machines running in harsh climates. Honingcraft’s honed tube has been successfully exported to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and as far afield as Australia.

Honingcraft doesn’t manufacture complete cylinders or offer a testing facility*