Honingcraft Goes Solar

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Honingcraft goes solar

The Honingcraft Team cares about the environment. Our team is happy to announce that we have implemented the next part of our initiative to move to renewable energy sources. We have installed a solar energy system that will decrease our carbon footprint and free us from all the limitations load shedding has imposed on us. Our entire office block now runs from completely renewable and clean energy meaning load shedding will no longer be able to influence our productivity. We will be able to provide support to you during any stage of load shedding!

The Solar Power System

Claude and his team from Teknia Projects installed the PV power system that Honingcraft now uses to power its offices. The system provides 100% of the average energy needed to power the offices. On some rare occasions the needs spike. For those situations, we can still draw from the grid to supply for our needs. Our next step is to increase the battery capacity so that we can operate completely off grid.

The Details

  • Teknia Projects installed 110 x 300W Pmax solar panels onto the carport structures that should give a PV array of 33kW Pmax per hour.
Honingcraft Goes Solar 2
The solar panels directly above the Honingcraft facility.
  • 2 x 10 kW, 3 Phase Voltronic Infini inverters connected in Parallel supplying the office DB with 20 kW Power.
3 Phase Voltronic Infini inverters
  • The inverters are full hybrid and coupled to a 20.2 kWh BSLB Powerwall system. They are optimised to be grid connected with a backup, meaning they supply power from the PV and grid together (with PV as main source) and grid as a filler. The Lithium Powerwalls are for load shedding and power cut situations.
Honingcraft Goes Solar 4
BSLB Powerwall system


We’re thankful to have the opportunity to reduce our carbon foot and so doing help preserve our beautiful planet. To Claude and his team, thank you, you’re awesome! If you’re interested in converting your home or office to solar power and give load shedding a skip, we can recommend Claude and his team at Teknia Projects. You can reach him through his website, visit his Facebook page or send him an email at claude@tekniaprojects.co.za.

The Honingcraft team continues to provide the best hydraulic manufacturing support that we can deliver, no matter which stage of load shedding. Contact Honingcraft for a quote today.