Gerrie Kok: 20 Years At Honingcraft

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Gerrie Kok

Twenty years ago, Gerrie Kok embarked on a life-long journey in his career. Gerrie grew up in Elsburg, a town in the eastern suburbs of Johannesburg. It is a town some six km southeast of Germiston – an industrial mega city.

He matriculated from HTS Elspark – a school focused on creating and maintaining a healthy teaching and learning climate. The school is very privileged to serve well-equipped technical centres and experienced teachers in the interests of their learners.

Gerrie knew from an early age that he wanted a job in the engineering industry. In Grade 9 , he realised that he enjoyed working with his hands and making things, and that machines fascinated him. “How they work and what they do, is what fascinates me most”, says Gerrie.

Gerrie was adopted and counts his blessings for his adoptive parents and beautiful daughter. He has been inspired by his dad, and the people who introduced him to the industry; Andre Botha and Gerrie Visagie. Gerhard Hauptfleisch, Managing Director at Honingcraft has also played a significant role in Gerrie’s life.


In November 2002, Gerrie started working for Honingcraft, and by 2003 he started his apprenticeship as a turner at the company. His apprenticeship wrapped up in 2008.

As a turner, Gerrie is responsible for making a variety of products at Honingcraft and takes great pride in his work. Fitters and turners fit, assemble, grind and shape metal parts and subassemblies to fabricate production machines and other equipment. “I am proud of all my projects at Honingcraft”, Gerrie continues.

When it comes to his job and daily tasks at Honingcraft, Gerrie says that his job allows him to make large engineering parts. This brings him tremendous joy and the job includes studying drawings and specifications to determine suitable materials, methods and sequences of operations and machine settings.


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