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Cylinder Barrels

Honingcraft manufactures complete hydraulic cylinder barrels to OEM specifications.

Once you’ve stripped and assessed the damage to a cylinder, determine which part needs to be remanufactured and request a quote. You will cut out the hassle and cost of running materials between service providers and cut down on total delivery time. This is a great option for our customers outside of South Africa.

Hydraulic cylinder barrels endure conditions of extreme pressure. To make them resistant to the extreme conditions under which they operate, the inside diameter of the barrel is honed to a smooth surface finish, ensuring that the barrel is free from ovality and that the bore is parallel.

The smooth surface protects the piston seals during operation, extending the effective life of the cylinder. The combination of experienced re-conditioners and high-quality machines, ensure that our clients receive the best reconditioned cylinder rods and barrels at an affordable price.

Honingcraft Cylinder Barrels

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Honingcraft delivers outstanding service to our customers. We offer free delivery within 25 km radius of our workshop locations.

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Honingcraft Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Packaging


Honingcraft offers cardboard covering or custom built crates, and will tack weld cover plates onto barrels to prevent damage during loading.

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Honingcraft ensures quality through traceability. All the products on our workshop floor are marked with unique identifying job number codes. Identification and traceability are requirements of the ISO 9001 Standards.

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