Reduce Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Lead Time With a Honed Barrel from Honingcraft

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Reduce hydraulic cylinder manufacturing lead time with a Honed Barrel from Honingcraft

Honingcraft customers enjoy the newest just-in-time manufacturing techniques. We’ve found yet another way to shorten manufacturing lead times for those who need to manufacture and repair hydraulic cylinders. This article evaluates how to reduce hydraulic cylinder manufacturing lead time with a honed barrel from Honingcraft.

The Traditional Model of Manufacturing a Cylinder

With the traditional model of manufacturing a hydraulic cylinder, buyers order the materials from different suppliers and those materials are delivered to the factory. The components are machined and are welded onto the honed tube creating a semi-finished hydraulic cylinder barrel.

The problem is, the welding process warps the materials resulting in high spots on the inside surface. This means that the piston cannot glide smoothly inside the bore of the cylinder barrel.

Usually, the cylinder barrel has to be sent back to Honingcraft for a “final hone” of the bore before the barrel is then sent back to the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer’s factory to be assembled and tested. In this process you would need to drive to and from Honingcraft no less than three times in order to manufacture a single barrel!

Honingcraft Now Offers the Honed Barrel Solution

Order a honed barrel from Honingcraft and we will source the materials, machine the different components and drill the port holes into the honed tube or hollow bar. The different components are welded onto the tube for you at Honingcraft and the semi-finished hydraulic cylinder barrel receives a final hone before we package it and deliver the honed hydraulic cylinder barrel to your door.

We call it the Honed Barrel

Honingcraft values your time! Our research shows that our customers save significantly on hydraulic cylinder manufacturing lead times by making use of Honingcraft’s Honed Barrel solution because we reduce the logistics burden involved with moving materials to and fro.  

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