Honingcraft Group of Companies Logo

Brand Guidelines

This brand guideline consolidates all the brand assets for Honingcraft in one convenient and shareable space.


Commitment to quality and service

Tone & Personality

Honest and dependable – Our excellent service. Big but friendly and approachable. Ingenuity and Prestige. Ingenuity (clever, original, and inventive) comes from the Latin Ingenuus meaning ‘inborn’. English split this word into two concepts: ingenuous (‘innocent and unsuspecting’) and ingenious (‘clever, original, and inventive’). Honingcraft is ingenious (has ingenuity) in their ability to provide products and services with honour and nobility, using free-thinking to produce quality work that is clever, original and inventive.

Visual foundation

Design with some use of open, white space. This allows for easy reading, fast load times and efficient workflows. Stick as closely to templates as possible. Content dictates the format.  Keep everything as generic as possible. Ensure formatting is consistent for date, times, punctuation etc. Stick to sentence case for body text. Headings and titles should be Uppercase.

Logos are visual shortcuts for identifying a brand. They may be made up of symbols, shapes, and stylized text or a combination of all three, and through the visual choices made should evoke a company’s brand story.
Display the logo and icon on any colour that strongly contrasts with the background colour.

Primary Logo

Honingcraft Group of Companies Logo

Secondary logos


Primary Colours


RGB: 38, 55, 125
CMYK: 100, 92, 20, 6


RGB: 38, 55, 125
CMYK: 100, 92, 20, 6


RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Secondary Colours


RGB: 0, 0, 0
CMYK: 75, 68, 67, 90


RGB: 136, 137, 140
CMYK: 49, 41, 39, 4


RGB: 205, 79, 91
CMYK: 15, 84, 58, 2

This typography will distinguish the brand from the crowd, conveying the brand personality in an instant, attracting and holding the audience’s attention, building recognition, establishing a sense of occasion, structuring information and promoting understanding.The typeface chosen represents the brand and is easy to read and is flexible enough to cover all the times and places when something needs to be said.

Primary font



Secondary font

Arial Regular


Imagery guidelines

  • Shots with people in the distance to show scale of a location.
  • Product and services images should be close up shots with no people.
  • The theme of the images should relate back to manufacturing and industrial sector.
  • Slight black vignette on images or a blue transparent overlay.
  • Products and services are seen in the context of the workshop.


  • Honingcraft is ONE word.
  • Ensure that people are relatable in a South African context.
  • Use images of a sufficient quality. No pixelation.
  • Avoid potentially offensive images.


  • Do not use more than 2 clouds when designing brand assets like social media posts or other outbound. Clouds should not be a main graphic element.
  • Never refer to Eco Time as “Eco” Always refer to “Eco Time” in full.
  • Do not use hands as a main focal point in imagery. The issue is when the whole image is focused on a hand.
  • Avoid making comments and captions in the negative. Try to keep comments positive. An example would be – “Wasting time is bad”, rather use “Saving time is good”.
  • Avoid using the words “tracking” or “time tracking” because it implies mistrust. Rather use “time and attendance”.
  • Don’t use palm scanners on the website as Eco time no longer provides them.


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