Honingcraft Cylinder Kits for Sale

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honingcraft cylinder kits

Honingcraft cylinder kits can, simply put, save you valuable time and money. Cylinder kits come with their fair share of wear parts that wear out over time. Wear parts wear out mainly because this is where most friction is applied in a hydraulic cylinder.

To make a cylinder, you need wear parts. You have to machine your gland, piston, end cap, clevises and ports. The parts need to be precise, meaning you need skilled artisans to get the job done. This makes cylinder kits essential when you want to deliver parts faster or don’t have enough trained artisans to get the job done. Machining your own wear parts can be costly, and you have to source your own materials and seals, which can be challenging.

A cylinder kit allows you to cut out the machining work. This gives you a reduced need for skilled artisans and machinists. The cost of a cylinder kit compared to buying and machining your material is much lower. Honingcraft sells cylinder kits for a comparable price than it would cost you to do it yourself. But there is a bonus – Cylinder kits are already manufactured, which means you save valuable time, which speeds up manufacturing timelines.

The kits are readily available off the shelf to suit the dimensions needed for that specific cylinder design. Each cylinder kit contains essential components necessary to assemble high-performance hydraulic cylinders.


The Honingcraft cylinder kits you purchase from Honingcraft is equipped with a gland, piston, end cap, lock nut and ports needed to manufacture a basic double-acting cylinder.

Glands: This part encloses pressure from the other end of the cylinder barrel. The cylinder gland is connected by welding, threading, bolts or tie rods.

Pistons: The piston inside a hydraulic cylinder separates the pressure zones inside the barrel. The piston is machined to fit rubber or metallic seals, single-acting or double-acting.

End Caps: The end caps (cylinder head) enclose the pressure chamber from one end of the cylinder. It has the option of a sealing arrangement for the rod or a seal gland.

Lock Nuts: The lock nut fastens the piston onto the piston rod securely.

Ports: The port allows fluid to flow in and out of the cylinder to achieve the linear motion produced by the cylinder.

Seals: Seals used within the kit are made according to a hydraulic cylinder’s working pressure, speed, operating temperature.


Honingcraft’s cylinder kit sizes are metric and imperial: 40/20 – 120/75. We highly recommend reading our latest datasheet for betting understanding and convenience.

At Honingcraft, things move fast. Our stock changes hourly and customers are advised to contact Honingcraft’s sales team to confirm prices and availability of stock.

Let Honingcraft make life easier. Contact us to order your cylinder kit today. We offer free delivery within 25 kilometres of our premises in Germiston and Port Elizabeth. We also provide outstanding logistics for customers across Southern Africa and the rest of the globe.

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