Tubing in metric and imperial sizes, cut to size & available in honed, unhoned & honed after weld
Chrome bar in metric & imperial sizes, cut to size and available in regular & induction hardened
Hydraulic cylinder kits to finish the job yourself

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Honingcraft supplies all free cutting steel materials used in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. We supply cold drawn, seamless tubing, chrome bars and rods, cast-iron and semi finished products like cylinder barrels and rods.


Honingcraft is one of the largest hydraulic cylinder honed tube suppliers in South Africa. We stock cold-drawn seamless hydraulic steel tubes sourced from the best suppliers locally and internationally. Our tubing is available in honed or unhoned variations, in popular metric and imperial sizes from 2 to 8 inches and 40 to 270 mm. If you cannot find a standard size to suit your needs, Honingcraft’s boring department can machine any custom tube to your specifications. When ordering hone-after-weld, you can order a piece of tubing cut to length, weld your ports and end-cap on and send it back to us for a final hone to adjust for warping during the welding process.

Honingcraft Products - Cylinder Barrels
Honingcraft Products - Cylinder barrels
Honingcraft Products - Tubing
Honingcraft Products - Stock


Honingcraft sources and manufactures only the best CK45 and condition-T (hardened) chrome bars. Induction hardened bars can be used for applications including hydraulic piston rods. Stock sizes range from 12 mm to 127 mm (metric) and imperial sizes from ¾ to 4 inches. You can purchase our shafts cut to length in any quantity. The shafts are then wrapped in 1 mm thick plastic to protect against impact during delivery.

Honingcraft Products - Cast Iron Wear Parts
Honingcraft Products - Chrome Stock
Honingcraft Products - Chrome Stock
Honingcraft Products - Cast Iron Wear Parts


Honingcraft manufactures complete hydraulic cylinder barrels and rods to oem spec. Once you’ve stripped and assessed the damage to a cylinder, determine which part needs to be remanufactured and request a quote. You will cut out the hassle and cost of running components back and forth. This is a great option for our customers who are far away.

Honingcraft Products - Cast Iron Wear Parts
Honingcraft Services - Machining
Honingcraft Services - Machining icon


Honingcraft stocks hydraulic cylinder kits. Our kits are readily available off the shelf to suit the gland and pistons you have. Each cylinder kit contains all the essential components necessary to fully assemble high-performance cylinders.
In each box you will receive: gland, piston, end cap, lock nuts, seals and ports.

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