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Honingcraft Moser is a company built on experience and is a proud part of electroplating industry and the history of chroming in South Africa. Moser Industries was the first company to introduce industrial chroming to manufacturers in South Africa. 


Honingcraft Moser reconditions rock drills, cylinder rods, locomotive- and ship engine liners, vibrating screens and mono pump shafts. We extend the life of critical components through our innovative chrome plating, bronze plating and precision grinding services.


Honingcraft Moser offers chrome electroplating to accommodate almost any cylinder rod. We recondition rock drills, vibrating screens, pump shafts and engine liners by electroplating inside and outside diameters to accommodate for material loss incurred whilst cleaning out imperfections and defects on inside and outside diameters.


Honingcraft Moser is capable of grinding diameters from 30 – 1,300 mm in lengths up to 10 meters between centers. Our grinding equipment is housed in a state-of-the-art facility boasting overhead crane support of 50 tonnes at maximum and a combined 100 tonnes.


Telephone: +27 (0)11 824 5320; +27 (0)11 824 5327;
If the Telkom lines are down: +27 (0)79 506 1328; +27 (0)72 038 8504; +27 (0)82 445 9916
Address: 29 Dekema Road, Wadeville, Germiston, 1459
GPS: S 26°16’14” / E 28°10’51”

Moser Industries was the first specialist chroming businesses in South Africa and is a proud part of industrial chroming history and the chrome industry as a whole. When it was acquired in 2011, it had 30 employees who shared a combined 500 years of experience in the chroming industry.

Industrial hard chroming has been around since 1920, and modern techniques were first used successfully by Fink in the USA and Liebreich in Germany. French Engineering Works (FEW) brought chroming technology to Africa to serve the repair needs of the newly mechanised mines of the late 1940s. FEW experienced great success with its hard chroming techniques, and in 1946 a separate company was started to focus solely on the mining service business. It was named Moser Industries. Moser is a company built on experience and is a proud part of chrome history and the chrome industry in South Africa. Through Moser Industries, commercial chroming became available to manufacturers in South Africa.

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