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Honingcraft Jünger supplies hydraulic cylinder tubes and hard chromed shafts. We service the hydraulic, engineering and manufacturing industries with cutting, boring, machining, milling, drilling, grinding and industrial hard chrome plating of hydraulic cylinder parts and other related components and equipment. We keep stock of all popular sizes of honed tubing and chrome bar to service the Eastern and Western Cape. To further improve your turnaround time we stock cylinder kits in all popular sizes. Honingcraft Jünger can grind up to 700 mm diameters and 3.1 m between centers. We operate one of the largest hard chroming tank in the Eastern Cape, measuring 600 mm diameter and 2 m length.


Honingcraft solutions integrates products and services that reduce turnaround times without compromising on quality.



Hydraulic cylinder rods and barrels endure conditions of extreme pressure. To make them resistant to the extreme conditions under which they operate, cylinder rods are hard-chromed to make them resistant to the wear that would usually destroy the base material. The smooth surface protects the rod wipers and seals, extending the effective life of the cylinder component that is most exposed to the elements. The combination of experienced re-conditioners and high quality machines, ensure that our clients receive the best reconditioned cylinder rods and barrels at an affordable price.


Diesel engines used in railroad locomotives and for ships engines contain liners inside their cylinders. The intricate design of these liners results in a high replacement cost making it more cost effective to recondition the liner, than substituting it with a new one. By reconditioning ship and locomotive engine liners, the productive lifespan can easily be doubled. Honingcraft Moser operates plant and machinery built specifically for this purpose, which guarantees a perfect finish for each of the liners our clients send. Increase your profitably by extending the life of your liners with our reconditioning services.


Rock drills are some of the hardest working machines in mining due to their continuous operation under extreme condition. At Honingcraft Moser, we recondition rock drill, doubling their lifespan and reducing the risk of machine failure underground. Honingcraft Moser has been reconditioning rock drill cylinders since rock drilling started in South African mines. We are industry leaders in life extension technology. Our operators and machinery ensure that our service is unequalled in effectiveness and reliability.

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Honingcraft Jünger stocks cold-drawn seamless hydraulic steel tubes sourced from the best suppliers locally and internationally. Our tubing is available in honed or unhoned variations, in popular metric and imperial sizes. Honingcraft Jünger can bore custom tubes to any specification. 


Honingcraft Jünger sources and manufactures chrome bars in CK45 and induction hardened (condition-T) variations. Induction hardened bars can be used for heavy duty hydraulic piston rods. Sizes stocked range from 12 mm to 127 mm (metric) and imperial sizes from ¾ to 4 inches. You can purchase our shafts cut to size in any quantity. We package the shafts in 1 mm thick plastic to protect against impact during delivery.


Each cylinder kit contains all the essential components necessary to fully assemble high-performance cylinders.

In each box you will receive: piston, gland, ports, end cap, locknut, and seals.

Complete your kit with a tube and rod cut to size.


Honingcraft Jünger operates one of the largest hard chroming tank in the Eastern Cape, measuring 600 mm diameter and 2 m length. We recondition engine liners and press dies for the automotive industry by electroplating inside and outside diameters to accommodate for material loss incurred whilst cleaning out imperfections and defects on inside and outside diameters.


Honingcraft Jünger can perform grinding up to 900 mm diameters and 3.4 m between centres. Our grinding equipment is housed in a state-of-the-art facility boasting overhead crane support of 50 tonnes at maximum and a combined 100 tonnes.


Honingcraft Jünger is capable of general machining and internal grinding capacity of up to 800 mm diameter and 3 m in length.  We house precision equipment that specializes in turning, boring, milling and threading of hydraulic cylinder components such as shafts and tubes, pistons, glands, end-caps, ports and mountings.


Telephone+27 (0)41 453 2460
Address: 9 Kynock street, Neave Industrial, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth
Email: adminpe@honingcraft.co.za

Jünger Engineering was founded in 1971 by Mr. Jürn Jünger. He was born in Berlin in 1941 and settled in South Africa after travelling from Berlin to Cape Town on a 4 seater bicycle with his brother and two friends. The journey took 21 months to complete. With a character larger than life and an aptitude for problem solving, he became the ‘go-to’ person for solving engineering problems. Mr Jünger is well known as one of the brilliant minds in the local Mechanical Engineering industry. Jünger Engineering was the perfect vehicle for Honingcraft and Moser to gain access to the marine hydraulic industry in Port Elizabeth and the greater Eastern Cape. In 2015 Honingcraft acquired Jünger, and Honingcraft Jünger was born.

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