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Honingcraft is the leading supplier of hydraulic tubing and chrome bar in South Africa. Honingcraft is a stockist of specialised round steel products used to manufacture hydraulic cylinders. We add value to materials using innovative surface finishing technology that extends the economic life of new and used hydraulic cylinders.
Boasting a 10,000 m2 factory serviced by a combined 100 tonnes of cranage, Honingcraft is a leader in its industry. Our experienced artisans operate the world’s most sophisticated honing and boring technology to achieve surfaces that are finished to precision tolerances.


Honingcraft solutions integrates products and services that reduce turnaround times without compromising on quality.


You will receive the size of tube you require which is cut to the length you specify. Weld your ports, end-cap and flange on and send it back to us for a final hone to adjust the inside diameter for warping during the welding process. We will deliver the completed barrel to you for assembly and testing.


Supply us with a drawing or the damaged cylinder barrel or rod and we will re-manufacture it to OEM specification. In situations where time is of the essence we recommend ordering extra barrels and rods to keep in stock.

Honingcraft sources the best hydraulic tubing and chrome bars to manufacture cylinder barrels and rods. We stock cylinder kits in popular sizes to improve turnaround times. Honingcraft supplies all materials required in hydraulic cylinder manufacture.


Honingcraft is one of the largest hydraulic cylinder honed tube suppliers in South Africa. We stock cold-drawn seamless hydraulic steel tubes sourced from the best suppliers locally and internationally. Our tubing is available in honed or unhoned variations, in popular metric and imperial sizes. Honingcraft can bore custom tubes to any specification. 


Honingcraft sources and manufactures chrome bars in CK45 and induction hardened (condition-T) variations. Induction hardened bars can be used for heavy duty hydraulic piston rods. Sizes stocked range from 12 mm to 127 mm (metric) and imperial sizes from ¾ to 4 inches. You can purchase our shafts cut to size in any quantity. We package the shafts in 1 mm thick plastic to protect against impact during delivery.



Each cylinder kit contains all the essential components necessary to fully assemble high-performance cylinders.

In each box you will receive: piston, gland, ports, end cap, locknut, and seals.

Complete your kit with a tube and rod cut to size.

Honingcraft provides all services required to manufacture high quality hydraulic cylinders. We specialize in reconditioning and we manufacture complete cylinder barrels and rods for you to assemble.


Honingcraft is a market leader in cylindrical surface finishing technology. We operate vertical and horizontal honing machines to accommodate almost any hydraulic cylinder. Use our honing capacity to improve the quality of your hydraulic cylinder barrels.


Honingcraft’s machining department houses precision equipment that specializes in turning, boring, milling and threading of hydraulic cylinder components such as shafts and tubes, pistons, glands, end-caps, ports and mountings.

Our lathes can accommodate shafts and rods with outside diameters of 800 mm and lengths up to 15 m between centres.


Honingcraft offers on-center deep hole drilling services from the Germiston branch.

We recondition hydraulic cylinder rods.


Telephone: +27 (0)11 824 5320; +27 (0)11 824 5327;
If the Telkom lines are down: +27 (0)79 506 1328; +27 (0)72 038 8504; +27 (0)82 445 9916
Address: 29 Dekema Road, Wadeville, Germiston, 1459
GPS: S 26°16’14” / E 28°10’51”

Founded in 1993, Honingcraft has supported the hydraulic manufacturing industry for well over two decades. Starting from humble beginnings, the company has grown since importing its first containers of hydraulic tubing and building its own honing machines into the sophisticated entity it is today. Honingcraft stocks well over 1,000 tonnes of hydraulic tubing and chrome bars with an added 100 tonnes of cast iron. It operates the world’s most sophisticated honing technology and proudly stands as a leader in its field. With a need to deliver more services faster, Honingcraft has expanded its product and service offering by acquiring Moser Hardchrome and Jünger Engineering, adding chroming, grinding, on-site line boring and metal spray services to its honing facility.

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