Honingcraft hones tubes with diameters between 12mm and 1 000 mm with lengths of up to 20 metres using our state of the art cnc controlled honing machines. We do external and internal honing as required by most hydraulic cylinder manufacturing companies. The main purpose of honing is to finish the inside or outside surface of a pipe, tube or cylinder to a precise geometric concentricity in parallel throughout the length of the tube. Honing to a fine, smooth finish will give any tube a signature “crosshatch” where the surface was honed. With Honingcrafts technical knowledge and experience we can hone with high precision, package with diligence, and deliver efficiently, without compromising quality. From flawless honing to the effective and speedy supply of cylinder tubes in any size and cut to length, Honingcraft is a worthy partner in your business.


Honingcraft Moser operates one of the largest hydraulic shaft chroming plants in Africa, enabling us to provide virtually any industrial chroming requirement. Honingcraft can chrome shafts with a maximum diameter of 1 000 mm, at lengths up to 10 000 mm. Our rectifiers can pump a combined 124 000 amps of power into 122 kilolitre baths of chromic acid baths supported by 100 tonnes of combined overhead cranes. Our 500 years of combined chroming experience makes ours the most knowledgeable chroming team in African industry.


Honingcraft Moser is capable of grinding diameters from 30mm – 1 300mm with lengths of up to 10 metres between centres making us the leading precision grinding company for both internal and external grinding. Our grinding equipment is housed in a state of the art facility boasting overhead crane support of 50 tonnes at maximum and a combined 100 tonnes. Honingcraft Moser is an unrivaled partner in industrial life extension services.

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Honingcrafts machining department houses precision equipment that specialise in turning, boring, milling and threading of hydraulic cylinder components such as short and long shafts and tubes pistons, glands, endcaps, ports and mountings. We can bore and machine shafts and rods with outside diameters of 800mm and lengths up to 15 meters between centres. Our over saddle machines can turn components with outside diameters of 500mm up to 2 meters in length. Being renowned for speed and accuracy, we have the advantage of being under the same roof as the material stores at Honingcraft Moser in Germiston and a machining branch in Port Elizabeth at Honingcraft Junger. For heavier or difficult to move jobs, we provide on-site (portable) precision machining and line boring.  We have machined pressing crankshaft journals, bored in-frame bearing housings and line bored heavy earth moving equipment, all on-site. Just send a drawing of your required part to our sales team to receive an accurate quote and fair price on any machining work.



Hydraulic cylinder rods and barrels endure conditions of extreme pressure. To make them resistant to the extreme conditions under which it will be operated, cylinder rods and barrels are hardchromed to make them resistant to the wear that would usually destroy the base material which the hardchroming process covers. The smooth surface protects the rod wipers and seals, providing trouble free life extention to the cylinder component that is most exposed to dirt and the elements. The combination of experienced reconditioners and high quality machines, ensure that our clients receive the best reconditioned cylinder rods and barrels at an affordable price.


Diesel engines used in railroad locomotives and for ships engines contain liners inside the cylinders. The intricate design of these liners results in a high replacement cost making it more cost effective to recondition the liner, than substituting it with a new one. By reconditioning ship and locomotive engine liners, the productive lifespan can easily be doubled Honingcraft Moser operates plant and machinery built specifically for this purpose, guaranteeing a perfect finish for each of the liners our clients send to profitably and affordably operate their businesses.


Rock drills are some of the hardest working machines in mining due to their continuous operation under extreme conditions in mines. At Honingcraft Moser, we repair and recondition rock drill, easily doubling their lifespan and reducing the risk of machine failure underground. Honingcraft Moser have been reconditioning rock drill cylinders since rock drilling started in South African mines. We are a leader in this field and our operators and machinery ensure that our service is unequalled in effectiveness and reliability.



As part of Honingcraft (Pty) Ltd’s promise to give outstanding service, we offer free delivery to customers situated within a 25 km radius of our premises. We also offer long distance deliveries at an additional fee. Please specify your needs when requesting a quote. Terms and Conditions Apply. (Enquire from Honingcraft Management for terms and conditions)


To make sure you receive your products free of damage, Honingcraft will package them to your requirement. Be it cardboard covering, custom built crates or tack welded cover plates, Honingcraft can accommodate your needs. Please specify your requirements when placing an order with our sales team.