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For over 2 decades Honingcraft has supported the hydraulic manufacturing industry with hydraulic tubing, chromebar, wearparts and components.Through innovative life extension services like honing, chroming and grinding, every cylinder build with the support of Honingcraft is built to last.

Established in 1993 by founder and CEO Gerhard Hauptfleisch, Honingcraft is one of only a handful of honing specialists in the world. We own and operate some of the world’s most sophisticated honing machines capable of honing to extremely precise tolerances and provide machining services which support every aspect of cylinder, barrel and steel rod manufacturing. We supply complete barrels and rods for most popular earthmoving and mining equipment brands.

Honingcraft is one of the largest hydraulic cylinder tube suppliers in South Africa. We import and supply cold drawn and welded hydraulic steel tubes that comply with national and international specifications and we supply honed and unhoned tubing from 2 to 8 inches (imperial) and 40 to 270 mm (metric). Non-standard sizes are easily made up to cater for special requests and requirements by our customers. Honingcraft owns twenty honing machines capable of honing diameters of 12mm up to 1000mm with a maximum length of twenty meters. In addition, we import CK 45 hard chromium plated bars, which are wrapped in, at least 1mm thick plastic to protect the surface against impact.

We supply induction hardened bars to be used as column bars for slide roller bearings of high quality. Induction hardened bars can also be used for different applications including hydraulic piston rods for construction machines. Stock sizes range from 16mm to 127mm (metric) and imperial sizes from 3/4†to 4 inches.

Welding of cylinder tubes often result in distortion of the material and we offer a hone after-weld service, at no extra cost, where our customers are supplied with honed or un-honed material, and after machining and welding the material, it is returned to Honingcraft for the final honing process. This ensures the best possible tolerances on welded cylinders.

Honingcraft and its employees have committed themselves to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standard of quality and service through effective quality management and administrative systems. Since its acquisition of Moser Hardchrome, Honingcraft has become one of the leading hydraulic support companies worldwide through its expanded chroming and grinding facilities capable of chroming and grinding shaft in lengths of up to 10 meters and diameters of up to 1300 mm. Honingcraft has recently expanded its reach to Port Elizabeth through its acquisition of Junger Engineering which offers hydraulic support services like chroming, grinding, metal spray and all our popular tubing and chromebar sizes directly to the friendly city.

Honingcraft Mission: “to supply the market with the highest quality and service available and become the market leader in total hydraulic support.”
Honingcraft Vision: “to become the market leader in hydraulic material supplies and to provide the best honing services with the fastest turnaround time.”


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Moser is a company built on experience and is a proud part of chrome history and the chrome industry in South Africa. With 30 employees who share a total of nearly 500 service years between them, Moser is the most experienced chroming outfit in South Africa.

Hard chroming extends the life of any treated product by providing corrosion resistance, increasing surface hardness and easing cleaning procedures. Industrial hard chroming has been around since 1920, and modern techniques were first used successfully by Fink in the USA and Liebreich in Germany. French Engineering Works (FEW) brought chroming technology to Africa to serve the repair needs of the newly mechanised mines of the late 1940s.

FEW experienced great success with its hard chroming techniques, and in 1946 a separate company was started to focus solely on the mining service business. It was named Moser Industries. Through Moser Industries commercial chroming became available in the open market in South Africa for use by manufacturers. Moser Industries extends the productive life of rock drills, locomotive and ship engine liners, mine pumps and hydraulic cylinder rods and barrels. One can hardly mention any of these products without at least some components having been chromed by Moser Hardchrome. Moser is a company built on experience and is a proud part of chrome history and the chrome industry in South Africa. Moser operates some of the finest internal and external grinding machines available in Africa today.

Its chroming department boasts a massive 122 600 litres of chromic acid in tanks of various sizes powered by 124 000 amps made available by modern rectifiers. Our hydraulic shaft chroming plant can chrome and grind shafts from 30 ñ 800 mm in diameter and up to 10 metres between centres. Mosers business is to extend the life of industrial equipment and we are the best in the business.


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Jünger Engineering provided the perfect vehicle for Honingcraft and Moser to have a footprint in the Eastern Cape

Jünger Engineering located at 18 Juta Road on the corner of Kynock Street in Neal (just off Kempston Road), Port Elizabeth, opened it’s doors in 1971. The owner, Mr. Jürn Jünger, was born in Berlin in 1941 and settled in South Africa after travelling from Berlin to Cape Town on a 4 seater bicycle with his brother and two friends. The journey took 21 months to complete. With a character larger than life and an aptitude for problem solving, he built up a strong reputation as the ‘go-to-man’ for the solving of engineering problems and is still known as one of the brilliant minds in the local Mechanical Engineering industry.

Jünger Engineering provided the perfect vehicle for Honingcraft and Moser to have a footprint in the Eastern Cape and in 2015 Honingcraft-Jünger was born. The result of the amalgamation is that it provides many advantages for the local and surrounding industries. Jünger carries standard sized chrome shafting and honed tubing with preferential access to non-standard sizes, all at discounted prices. Again, the customer wins because of discounted pricing.

We boast the biggest hardchroming tank in the Eastern Cape measuring 1.2m wide, 2.4m long and 2.8m deep. Grinding capacity in the workshop is up to 900mm diameter and 3.4m between centres. General machining and internal grinding capacity is up to 800mm diameter x 3m in length. In addition to Honingcraft and Moser’s offering, Honingcraft-Jünger offers a metal spraying service as well as an on-site line boring and machining service.